Specialists in Safe, Innovative and Sustainable methods of UHP Hydro Blasting

UHP Hydro Blasting

The key to success in any coatings project is efficient surface preparation. To ensure you achieve the desired outcome at this key stage, our team of highly skilled operatives can advise on the best solution specific to your project and goal.

The experience of our team and our innovative machinery enable us to deliver Water basting technology across a variety of industries and sectors, on almost any surface.

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UHP Hydro Blasting

We are committed to delivering safe, fast and sustainable solutions to clients, the UHP blasting method is considered to be the most efficient with low impact on the environment.

Our High and Ultra High pressure water blasting equipment can operate at pressures up to 3000 Bar (43500 psi). After discussing your project outline, NP can advise if the best solution for your project is High Pressure equipment up to 1000 Bar (15000 psi) or Ultra High Pressure equipment up to 3000 Bar (43500 psi).

Robotic UHP Blasting

NP Services are continually investing in innovative and greener technology and equipment. Our Robotic UHP equipment allows our specialist operatives to maximise productivity on large surface areas. The Robotic crawler unit uses a vacuum to attach to the surface, and is driven by two pneumatic wheels to increase maneuverability.

This solution can remove coatings at a typical rate of 70 m2/h at a power of 35,000psi at 40 litres /min. Our equipment works alongside it to remove all the waste product directly from the surface into a waste skip with no mess below the work area.

NP Industrial Services supply all required equipment with highly skilled operatives fully trained in all aspects of water blasting to the current Water Jetting Association (WJA) standards.